Since the blogosphere is already vast and wonderful, I try not to waste anyone’s time. So I only post pieces that I believe have a complete thought and make some worthwhile contribution (which turns out to be about 1 out of every 4 posts I start on). While all the snark and sarcasm is in jest, I’ve sunset a couple older posts where I engage with some subjects and/or people in ways that don’t quite feel right. From what’s listed here: I’ve changed my mind on some of these, others are underdeveloped or don’t achieve a satisfactory resolution, but I still enjoy reading most of them.

  1. A Species of General Disapproval
  2. Cathy O’Neil Offers Silly Market Commentary
  3. Technologies of Future Governments and Electorates: Artificial Intelligence
  4. Prediction vs. Inference: On Kahan’s “explain my noise, please?”
  5. On HFT: Assumptions, Agent-Based Modeling, and a Philosophy of Error
  6. On HFT (Part II): Bugs, Features, and Aggressive Incompetence
  7. On HFT (Part III): Still confused about high-frequency trading? Yes
  8. Know Thy Model: Specificity and the Importance of Using Fake Data
  9. The Hunsader Follies
  10. Introduction to Agent-Based Models with respect to “The Future of Macroeconomics”
  11. Mathematical Accuracy Is “Shallow Pedantry”?
  12. NGDP Futures Targeting Is A Pretty Goofy Idea
  13. Fitting to Noise or Nothing At All: Machine Learning in Markets
  14. Accountability, Generalizability, and Rigor in Finance Research: Machine Learning in Markets (Part II)
  15. Quick Post: Misrepresenting Evidence In Behavioral Finance/Genetics
  16. Quick Post: “n people line up to sit in an n-seat theater”